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Nov 19, 2005 at 09:22 AM

Exploring xApps partnering opportunities.



I am exploring SAP partner program for developing PCAs on behalf of my organization. I did some reading but couldn't find answer to some basic questions. I will appreciate if someone can answer them on this forum.

1. We have developed certain BI capabilities which are complimentary to SAP solution but don't have specific applications. Will we qualify for xApps/PCA partner program if we propose to integrate our capabilities with SAP ESA as enterprise service[s]. Ofcourse applications can be built on our capabilities/services.

2. Our core engine is written in C++ and has a layer of java-RMI on top of it. We can easily expose it via webservice to integrate with ESA. Since core engine would still run outside NetWeaver platform, is it acceptable for an enterprise service?

3. How robust and scalable is Exchange Interface for very large data transfer. Has anyone used it to extract large amount of data from SAP BW? Also, is there a way to directly pull metadata and data from MDM and BW bypassing EI. Basically not use message based mechanism but some direct adapter like JDBC.

My questions are not technical hence many people might not be interested in answering them. Still I thought of trying my luck. Any answer/guidance is most welcome.

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