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Apr 25, 2014 at 11:57 PM

Adding a new system to existing ChaRM Project



We have configured Charm in our landscape and we use Solution Manager 7.1 SP08.


  1. Add a new system to the existing ChaRM Project.
  2. Edit the logical components for e.g. To replace current SID (QA1) with another SID (QA2)
  3. Add items (Systems or Tasks)to the existing task list

We faced problems (duplicate record dumps), while configuring as per our requirements above. SAP suggested us to

  1. Close the Project and create a new one to include a new system. [This is not feasible for us]
  2. Close the current maintenance cycle and create a new one if you want to edit the logical systems or to add any task or system to the existing task list.

So we have the following questions

  1. What is the impact on closing the current maintenance cycle? We have half of transports in released and half in locked status.
    1. What happens to the transports that are not yet released?
      1. Will they automatically get released or
      2. Will they not get impacted or
      3. Will they get assigned to the new maintenance cycle automatically or
      4. Do we need to do it manually or does it not matter
      5. Since we are close to starting our ITC, how do we go about that? How will we bundle our transports for our ITC with different maintenance cycles holding transports
  2. What is the impact on locking a maintenance cycle?
  3. What is the impact on project team members on creating a new maintenance cycle?
  4. How does the maintenance cycle get impacted if we refresh existing systems?
  5. Have you faced a similar problem? Is there an alternate solution?
  6. If we need to add a new development system to the Project do we need to close the current project or just add it to a new maintenance cycle?


  1. How do we run a report for stats by
    1. Maintenance cycle
      1. --> System --> Transport released
      2. --> System --> Transports created (not released)

How does reporting get impacted if we make the changes stated above