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Nov 18, 2005 at 10:22 PM

Master Data Attributes Enhancement



I have master data infoobject ZTTL. I was asked to add some attributes to it. I added them.

I went into the master data infosource ZTTL, applied the transfer rules, activated the infosource.

I added some data in the R/3 side for the added attributes. I loaded the data by creating infopackage on ZTTL infosource. The data loaded and I was able to see the data in the master data infoobject and infosource.

Now this infoobject ZTTL, is there in infocube. When I run the query on the infocube, I see all the attributes in the query for the infoobject, but cannot see any data for the attributes.

I activated the Transactional Data Infosource and Infocube as well. Still could not get any master data from the cube...

Is there anything I still need to do?

Thanks a lot.