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Apr 25, 2014 at 04:57 PM

text visible in editor but not in text field of notification screen


Hi Experts,

I have a scenario in which , I have 2 notifications linked to one-another.

Example : Notif 1 and Notif 2 are linked to each-other.

When I update the text in notif1 it should reflect in text of linked notif2 as well.

Approach :

I have edited text of notif1 , let that text be text1 and saved it.

In the post save process , i have used READ_TEXT for notif1 where I get text1.
Now I have used SAVE_TEXT , in this method I have passed notif2 and text1 (so text1 of notif1 gets updated in notif2).

This scenario is working fine , but I have one issue :

text updated from notif1 to notif2 is visible in editor of notif2 , but not in text field of notif2.

As shown in attachment , I dont see text in text field enclosed by red where as in editor (enclosed by green) I can see the updated text in notif2.

Please suggest how to make the text visible in text field of this screen also.

Thanks in advance.


notif2_text.jpg (199.5 kB)