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Former Member
Apr 25, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Called transaction (authorisation default) lost when breaking parent link



Been a googling for this one and I'm still stuck.

One for techies I guess?

We are on ECC^ release702 support pack SAPKB70212

I've broken the link between parent and derived roles where cost centre objects are present (these are brand new roles created using option three in expert mode when generating)

Then I notice that the transactions hidden from the user menu by inserting using the option authorisation default have been lost - just their description remained so I tested this by creating a parent role with just a called tcodes in it, deriving a new role off it and then deleting the link.

The menu is lost and the authorisation object S_TCODE is lost when using the third option to generate. The history shows the transaction being deleted but this doesn't happen for normally assigned transactions in the menu.

Anybody got any ideas please?

One other thing is that it also lost the folder name probably because I had not included any normal transactions?

Kind regards