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Apr 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM

Can a Web Service be Connected to XI for Capturing Error Messages?



Several years we developed a Web Service from Sap to Sharepoint. The issue is that we often get an "Error at Target of Invocation" intermittently. The first thing we do of course is to make sure the SAP connection password has not expired. Also, whenever mapping is changed we use the Web Service to create a new WSDL file that is compatible. Importantly, we assume that the connection from a Sharepoint is being made, because to run one of the processes from Sharepoint, while connecting to SAP, there is no problem. However, when we run a different process that uses the same Sharepoint to SAP connection, we get the error at target of invocation message.

The .NET developer will sometimes recycle the Sharepoint process that clears the cache, and for now, we think, that may be the issue. Still we are not positive, and this message does not reveal the real issue. Is there a way to connect the Web Service to XI to capture any issues in between the two systems that would uncover what the real issue is?

Thanks, Tom M.