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Apr 25, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Message no. AA632-Line item causes scrap value of 0.00 to be violated



After activating New Depreciation Area in Quality Client, I am getting error message "Message no. AA632-Line item causes scrap value of 0.00 to be violated" in Transaction Code AS02. The error is coming in Book Depreciation Area as well as in New Depreciation Area also. The New Depreciation Area was activated in the existing Asset Codes through Transaction Code AFBN by selecting the parameter Dep Term from Asset Class.

The above error is coming only in those assets which is below the scrap value against the 5% Cutoff value defined in the Depreciation Key itself. The difference is coming in all the Assets in paisa only.

I have given suggestion to my Client to maintain New Depreciation Key with 0% Rate in Book Depreciation Area but they are not agreed to change the Depreciation key which is presently maintain in the Book Depreciation Area. In Production in those Asset there is no error is coming and even they have successfully open the new fiscal year in Asset Accounting also.

The Request for New Depreciation Area has not been moved to Production. The Client has gone line the system last year on 01.04.2013.

Please suggest the solution and also share that what could be the reason in Production system is not showing any error in those Assets.