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Apr 24, 2014 at 04:39 PM

discontinued parts with MRP type VB


We have scenario as below :

1. We have material A with stock 100, open PO 50.

2. The material A is now planned to be phased out by replacing it with a new material B

3. Material A had MRP type VB now we will change it to ND

4. Material B will have MRP type VB

5. So when we run MRP for materil B it should consider stock of material A & Open PO of Material A for calculation during the MRP run and the new requirement calculation should be

Example :

Material B is set up with RO point 100 and max stock of 150

So when we run MRP for Material B even though stock for material B is zero it should not generate any new requirement as stock & open PO of material A exists.