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Apr 24, 2014 at 03:21 PM

Master Data Objects (Transformations & DTPs)



In my company they recently upgraded to 7.3 and while doing that they missed migrating some of the transformations and DTPs for the master data objects.

So I have been assigned to completeTransformations and DPT's so the loads from PSA to data target can be added to the master data process chains. The PSA loads are already included in process chains.

As I'm new to SAP world,I'm seeking your help/advices while I'm working on this task.

I have attached a screen shot of the current mapping and DTP for 0COMP_CODE in development which I'm supposed to validate/change and then transport to QA.

SO I have couple of questions on this.

  1. 0COMP_CODE :I see that there is a TRCS and RSDS transformation for the attribute,what is the difference between these 2 and why do we need to have two tranformations?
  2. Under the TRCS,why is this created 'Generated by 3.x infosource company code :Attributes and text?Is his valid and expected to be created?
  3. How do I validate this transformation and DTP ( when I click display data,I do see the master data for 0COMP_CODE and the attributes)
  4. I'm looking for some steps to create the transformations/DTP related to my scenario and specific to objects (0COMP_CODE,0GL_ACCOUNT,0VENDOR,0COORDER)
  5. Based on the below screen shot, is the data flow looks correct?

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.


MD Screen Shot.jpg (41.8 kB)