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Apr 24, 2014 at 02:29 PM

Creating addon installers for SBO 9.0 64-Bit (AddOnInstallAPI_x64)


Hi guys,

I experience some challenge getting my addon to install successfully on a 64-bit SBO 9.0

I noticed there are a couple of discussions touching on this very subject.

So I have successfully installed my addon on the 32-bit edition of SBO 9.0

My addon is built using VS2010 C# and the addon installer(setup) is built using InstallAware.

I use the very same setup script for my 64-bit compatible addon (btw, i can manually launch and run this addon successfully in 64-Bit SBO 9.0)

When I run the addon setup, it runs through to the end but i get an SBO system message 'Add-on XXX : Installation failed'

During the setup debug, I saw the commandline coming from SBO points to the 32-bit AddOnInstallAPI.dll instead of the 64-bit AddOnInstallAPI_x64.dll

Could this be the cause of the 'installation failed' message?

If so, how can I get the commandline pointing to the 64-bit AddOnInstallAPI_x64.dll?

Thanks in advance.