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Nov 18, 2005 at 01:37 PM

Auto assign ACL to document author



We are implementing the SAP EP 6 SP 14 KM module and we are looking for a simple way to automate the assignment of ACL's.

We use the standard upload iView and the documents inherit the ACL's from the folder, so far, so good. When Everyone is set to Read/Write access, every uploaded document will inherit this permission setting, nice.

Now, is there any way to assign different ACL's for different documents? I would like to give the author (who uploads the document) full permissions and not only read/write access. You understand that this problem can not be solved with setting the permissions on folder lever... it's to specific.

So I'm looking for a simple ACL assignment, only for the user, or only for the approvers,... anyone?

I'll give points for helpful answers, thanks!