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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:13 PM



Hi, I have read the step to do this in many links posted in the forum, but I´m still wondering if the settings I have done will behave as I expect for the date and hour I required.

My requirement is to open the periods for the next month and this task must be done the last day of the month at 22:00, so after 22:00 for the actual month the materials can have logistic movement with posting dates in the next month.

This is the way I do it manually. Said that today is 30.04.2014 and it is 22:00, so I go to MMPV and select company and period 05 and fiscal year 2014 and I run the MMPV that is it.

Now to get this in a job I have gone to MMPV (today 24.04.2014) and created a variant with company code and in date row I have select D : Dynanic date selection and in name of variable set the current date.

In SM36 in date/time I enter 30.04.2014 and 22:00 because that would be the date and hour when MMPV should run "as I would do it manually" and I also select "periodic job" and I select "Monthly"

My doubt is if SAP will run the report the next months (may, june,july) the last day of those months not the 30 as I said for april.

I attach some images.

Thanks a lot

Jorge G


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