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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:12 PM

SAP Personas - Performance Testing using LR



We are attempting to do Performance Testing on SAP Personas. For that end, we are trying to create some script using LR. However, there is a parameter which seems to contain some session information and we have been unable to locate it on the server response in order to correlate it.

This is the parameter I am referring to which appears on the LR recording:






At this point, the script fails with a HTTP 400 message.

I found certain similarity between the string above and the one on included on a cookie, almost at the start of the recording:

set-cookie: sap-appcontext=c2FwLXNlc3Npb25pZD1TSUQlM2FBTk9OJTNhc2FweHJhX1hSQV8wMSUzYTRvUElZNER1YnB6Wk9mNlV2dExtbDJTOWwxbGxOZFZUOXZKQjBXckItQVRU; path=/sap(bD1lbiZjPTEwMA==)/bc/bsp/persos/mainapp

Notice how from the strings match on 40+ characters...

As for the other part of the sting, it does not appear anywhere on the server response.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

BTW, we are using LR 11.00