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Apr 23, 2014 at 03:55 PM

WPF report viewer throws exception when print button clicked when hosted on winform


When hosted in a winform app the wpf report viewer control throws an exception when the print button is clicked.

All the other buttons appear to work, any ideas on a work round?

I have created a sample VS 2013 solution that shows this issue

As I can't even attach a renamed zip file it can be downloaded directly from here:

The reason I am attempting to use this control is that the standard reportviewer causes occasional errors in citrix enviroments causing the citrix session to lock up. This appears to be a relatively common issue and the usual issue of both sides (citrix & crystal) blaming the other for the cause and me the developer needs to find a work round.

I've 'bodged' in an additional button on our app to export a loaded report to file as pdf then print it but this should not be the permanent resolution.

BTW glad to see the x64 dynamic parameter issue has been fixed at last, think I reported this over two years ago and again ended up having to work round it.