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Apr 23, 2014 at 01:31 PM

SAP Dashboard 4.1 with BeX Queries Performance Issue


I am facing performance issue . Could you please share your thoughts on my below issue.

I have to create a single dashboard with 74 KPIs.

As of now dashboard development is completed for 20 KPIs. My current Dashboard is working fine in terms of displaying the correct values for the KPIs.

But I am facing the performance issue. It takes around 3 mins to refresh.

I have made some performance improvement like "refresh after components loaded " for initialize dashboard. Now Dashboard will initialize within a Minute. Earlier this took 4-5 mins to Initialize.

But from BO side , I am not able to reduce the refreshing time as it is hitting Bex Query every time when any selections made in dashboard.

This data refreshing time is majorly depend on the BeX queries used in the dashboard.

Currently on an average , 2 KPIs using one Bex Query.

My thought is even if we create one single query for all KPIs(Almost not possible from BI end) or creating one Bex query for 10 KPIs each will also not going to be a major help as the data refreshing time is going to be the same.

The data flow goes like below.

SAP BW --> BeX Query --> BO Launch Pad(WebI) -->QaaWS Connection-->SAP Dashboard

Data format for Dashboard was extracted from BO Launch pad(WebI) via QaaWS connection.

Live Office is not used by my client.

As of now I have around 800 records for very few KPIs.

Also I am using Vlookups to display data in dashboard.

Since the key figures created in BeX use “Exception Aggregation” , no manipulations can be performed via WebI to avoid Vlookups in Dashboard.
Using Vlookup will degrade the Dashboard performance further.

We suggested client to split the dashboard , but they are not ready to do that.

Is there any possible work around to improve the performance.