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Apr 23, 2014 at 12:59 PM

EREC: "How to assign customize PDF forms in Candidate's job search"


Dear All,

I had a requirement to change the format of the form to display the posting. Hence i took the help of the table t77rcf_PRMC_PL , t77rcf_PRM_PL , t77rcf_MDL_PRMC to assign Values to Interface Parameters. Here i user the parameter: FORM_PUBL_EXT_DOVR and parameter value as the new Z form created. The new form was visible in the publication area of the job posting from recruiter portal.

But when i try to view the form by searching the job posting (as a candidate), it is still displayed in the old format. i.e when i try to view the posting using the posting search functionality.

Can anybody please tell me what is the configuration left from my side.




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