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Apr 23, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Custom Wage type : Results Table


Hi all,

I have a issue in wage type.

There is a wage type 99ve created under the infotype 0014.

the client want the wage type amount to be calculated but not reflected in the total amount and should not be displayed in the payslip.

for example the employee is allotted with 100 per month and he is on leave for one day on that month. Now with lop of one day the employee should have 99ve in the RT table as 97.06 appropriately. Accordingly the 97.06 should not be deducted from the salary.

When i run the Payslip for a employee,

Till the Factoring and storage -> PIT XVAL P10 Valuate pay elements -> the wage type is considered. In the output of it , the wage type is not evaluated and in the ADDCU log, the wage type 99ve is not getting included.. Could anyone help me out to solve the issue.



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