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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:49 AM

Standard price update in Cost run


Dear Experts,

I have issue regarding price update in material as follows.

We have 2 plants A and B. Material X has been produced in-house in plant A with COGM - 45,619.10Rs. and also having MAP as 46,282.50 Rs. Now this material has been transferred through Stock transport to plant B. MAp of Plant B is 46,948.63 Rs.

Here in plant B this material dont have any BOM where as only routing exist. Material X is SFG with Valuation class SF01 and price control "S".

Now after few days, user has been taken cost run for Plant B, which includes X also. Today when i checked this material, it shows standard price updated to 53,408.43 Rs.

Now issue is here -

1)How can system cost a material with quantity structure tick, where as it only have a routing ?

2) When go to CK11n system shows MAP as COGM of X in plant B.

3) If no proper quantity structure exist for the material, how can system calculate and update standard price in material master.

The above point has been highlighted in audit, and require justification for the same. I have tested whether BOMof X has been deleted after cost run, Change in price by MR21 and no record found for the same.

Note : Costing variant - PPC1 - Valuation Variant (Sequence) as - MAP

- Planned price 2

- Planned price1

Proc. Type of material - X (Both)

Please revert with appropriate solution.

With best regards,

Manish K. Bachate