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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:43 AM

Storing IDs - Own Database Table on PO



i m working with PO 7.31 Sp 11 Java Only.

I ve got the requirement to check if an incoming message is using an already used message id (a field value, it is not the PI message id!).

I think there is no other way than to create an own database table, right?

So - i would store each id and do for each new message a select and check if it was already in use. So far kind of simple.

But i m on Java only!

How can i access the PO data base (from mapping or BPM)?

I considered to access an external DB, may be a SAP system, to make the things easy. But then i would need to implement a logon procedure (a lookup using a Communication Channel) - i m concerned that each message might get postponed by +-5 seconds, what would not be accepted by the end customer.

Does anybody have experience in that?

How long will a look up to SAP system and a simple distinced select to a simple table of some million entries take?

Does anybody have a better approach for me?