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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Reg. Raw material requirment is not changed in MD04


HI all,

I am having an issue were the Raw material quantity is not getting reduced in MD04.

For eg. I have an Process order for FG for quantity 100 no's. for which i require RM 100 kg.

For the fist time i see in MD04 for RM the order reservation has shown with 100 kg.

Now i confirmed partial confirmation for Fg for 40 no's.

Then if i see MD04 for FG my open quantity shows as 60 no's simillarly for RM it should should 60 KG right but it showing the old quantity under Ordres- 100 Kg.

What could be the reason?

While confirming i used Final confirmation instead partial CNF will that be an issue?

Kindly help.