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Apr 23, 2014 at 07:16 AM

Request is red in target after correcting PSA


Hi All,

I am facing this issue when incorrect data comes from the source system in 0BP_DEF_ADDRESS_ATTR extractor.

The steps I follow to correct the data is:

  1. Delete incorrect request from data target (0BPARTNER)
  2. Filter out incorrect records in PSA
  3. The field PSA status will mention what is incorrect in each record.
  4. See if user has entered special characters by mistake. If yes, remove the special character. If incorrect data does not show any special characters then remove data for that field and save the PSA.
  5. Update to data target manually from the corrected PSA.

The load again has status RED in target. If I delete the request and check the PSA for erroneous records nothing is displayed.

The record check in infopackage shows the following details:

When I check in the target all the records from PSA are present. Also infopack does not update to any other data target.

Please let me know why the request still shows as RED in the target even though error is corrected and data has been updated.




Records Check.jpg (86.4 kB)