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Jan 19, 2017 at 04:06 PM

push data On-Premise ERP -> HCI -> HCP -> Fiori UX - SOAP possible? what is the recommendation?



I have already read a lot of blogs and how-tos(like the one linked below), but they still do not answer my question of how to create the following scenario:

At some trigger point in ERP (e.g. saving PO) data should be pushed via ABAP Proxy to the cloud. Now, ERP Proxy can be generated from ESR, or created manually. Data can be pushed out asynchronously from ERP via SAP PI/PO or HCI. But how can I provide this data than to Fiori App using HCI/SAP PI/PO? Or how can I store them in HCI-DS and grab them in WEB IDE to display?

HCI-DSs can only pull data from SOAP/oData/ERP/etc.

Could you give me any hints to where should I look it up?

thank you

Simon :-)