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Apr 22, 2014 at 02:31 PM

Inbound delivery vendor for STO


Dear Expert,

I did the partner configuration for Vendor and STO for site with partner VN-vendor DP-delivery plant.

But when I create the STO for site no partner data come out for the PO, the partner data didn't copy out from vendor master.

Any advice any further more setting need to do?

I manually input the partner data for the STO and site, then I try to create inbound delivery, following incompleteness came out"Vendor : Account Number of Vendor or Creditor Missing",user need to manually input the partner number for LF-vendor.But when i check the partner setting for inbound delivery, LF is copied out from VN.Any more setting need to do to make sure the partner number of LF is auto copied from PO data.

I have below config. setting:

1. Site master has the vendor partner function as OA -Ordering address,DP- Delivering plant, VN- Vendor and PI-Invoicing Party.

2. Define Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group

3. Partner Settings in Vendor Master Record-Assign Partner Schemas to Account Groups

4. Assign Partner Schemas to Document Types

5. Logistics Execution-Partners-Set Up Partner Determination for Deliveries and "EL" Partner Determination Procedure

Also I have search in the SCN before posting I found same post i.e. but no answer hence posting again kindly extend your help.

With Regards,

Avinash Kowale