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Apr 22, 2014 at 02:08 PM

Assigning Filter Object Type for Internal Order


Hi All,

I have a requirement to send a INTERNAL_ORDER IDOC to another system on creation or on change of an order. I have created the model view and added the BAPI InternalOrder.SaveReplica in the distribution model (BD64) and the next step was for me to add a filter. I tried creating a filter group but then I get the message "Select node:Content-dependent parameter filtering". I have done a similar configuration for PROJECT idoc before and I was able to solve this by configuring in BD95 - Defining the filter object type and then BD81 - Assigning the filter object type to the parameter. However now when I try and implement the same steps for the Internal Order IDOC, I am having trouble assigning a filter object type to a parameter. I want to filter by company code and so far I was able to define the filter object type (BUKRS) in BD95 and then when I go on to try and assign this to the BAPI Parameter in BD81 , only 1 parameter appears (objectstatus) when I drop down for the parameter options.

The row entry that I am trying to add is:

Obj. Type Method Filter object type Parameter Field Name BUS2075 SAVEREPLICA BUKRS MASTERDATA COMP_CODE

But only OBJECTSTATUS appears in the Parameter block as an option when I press F4.

Further more when I try save the entry as above, I get an error. Error Message: "Entry MASTERDATA does not exist in (check entry)"

Can I please get some guidance on how to filter the internal order by company code or more importantly advise on which step I may have skipped in order have “MASTERDATA” appear as an option for Parameter field in BD81.

Thank you.