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Nov 18, 2005 at 07:06 AM

How to include another column



I have to add another Data Column to my BPS Layout.

This additional Data Column is simply whereby my user needs to input "price" data one-time only. It doesn`t change over the years.


                                             <b>PRICE</b>    Jan 2005   Feb 2005   Mar 2005  Apr 2005   June 2005  July 2005   Aug 2005   Sep 2005 ....
  <b>Title</b>:Nominal Gross Domestic Product        
               - Real GDP Growth (%)                 XXX              XXX          XXX           XXX           XXX         XXX
  <b>Title</b>:Securities Total Trading Value
               - On-market transactions              XXX
               - Direct business transactions        XXX
               - No of trading days                  XXX
               - Average daily turnover              XXX
  <b>Title</b>:Information Services
               - Authorised Subscriber Licences      XXX
               - Terminal subscribers                XXX
               - Internet subscribers                XXX
               - Telecommunication subscription      XXX

Now, I have modelled this PRICE as a key Figure and inserted it in my Data Column(Layout: Key Figures in Data Column)

Although, here in the BPS Layout it works fine...But, in my query, I can only use ONE KEY FIGURE. And I have to include another Key Figure which basically represents the values earlier.

Hence, my question is how can I include 2 Key Figure in my BEx Query ?

I was thinking to model this "PRICE" as characteristic, but the values for this PRICE will repeat and I cannot seem to add repetitive values for the characteristic master data.

Please help!