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Apr 22, 2014 at 06:00 AM

Social Services, Alternative Payee and Invoicing


Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with the invoicing process.

What i am doing is setting up Net Calculation Documents (NCD) with the following fields populated on one or more items to redirect the payment to a third party:

  • Alternative payee GUID (alt_payee_guid)
  • Alternative payee number (alt_payee_no)
  • Payment method (alt_pay_method)
  • Alternative payment bank (alt_payee_bank_id)

In the case I am testing with the NCD has two items and both have the same alternative payee details.

Social Billing runs fine and the following fields are populated on the billing document items:

  • Bank details ID of payee (embvt)
  • Alternative business partner for payments (emgpa)
  • Payment method (pymet)

When I run invoicing however, I have some problems.

With the invoicing document items, the "Alternative business partner of invoicing item" (gpart_a) field is not populated.

With the posting document items, the following fields are only set on the first of two items:

  • Payment method (pymet)
  • Alternative business partner for payments (emgpa)
  • Bank details ID of payee (embvt)

Any ideas as to why the alternative payee information for the second item on the posting doc wouldn't be carried through? The main and sub-transaction is different to the first item but I have not done any special configuration for the main and sub-transaction for the first item and it is carrying the alternative payee information through fine.