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Apr 22, 2014 at 03:56 AM

Record working time in ESS WDA description.


Hello Everybody,

The description of the WDA HRESS_A_CATS_1 in launch pad is :

"You can record your working time here. In the last &DAYS& days, there are &NUMBER_TARGET& workdays for which you ahve recorded either not enough or too many hours."

Now I have an ESS profile in cac1. I have set the tolerances to 50% each. Employee has planned working time infotype maintained. Inspite of all that when i log into nwbc-html.... I see teh above description as-is with the &DAYS& and &NUMBER_TARGET& ... instead of some values.

Why is that so? I even removed the second half of the statement in the lpd ... but it still comes up.. what am I missing here? my ESS data entry profile is configured for a daily entry/view,.. is that the culprit?

can you give me any pointers to help resolve the above please?

thanks guys