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Why the difference between name1 in KNA1 and ADDR1

Hi guys, I´m a CRM guy but I´m working on a spec to create a customer in ECC and other one to get the master data, so I´m facing with some kind of problem where I found the field KNA1-NAME1 with a length of 35 and the field ADDR1-NAME1 via XD01 - 02 etc with a length of 40, if I´m referring to the client master data and I want to create one client via a WebService I think I must use the KNA1, why the ADDR1-NAME1 is longer and it refeers also to the client name !?

Thanks for your time.

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2 Answers

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    Apr 21, 2014 at 10:28 PM

    Hi Isaac:

    When you enter more than 35 characters in XD01/XD02 you receive a warning, because in some functions is only used 35 of characters, but this is only a warning, the user can enter 40 characters.

    This is the SAP text for this warning.

    The use of the last 5 characters in field NAME1 is restricted

    In this form the data can be saved and used up to the complete length of 40 characters.
    In some scenarios, the system only uses the first 35 characters of name fields, of the fields 'Street', 'City', 'District', as well as the first 10 characters of the field 'Search Term 1'.
    These cases are:

    • ALE: the address data can only be transferred with 35 characters (search term 1 only 10 characters) in the case of some ALE message types (IDOC types) for reasons of compatibility with other releases and components. The message types in question are:


      The problems do not occur if the relevant address data in IDOC ADRMAS is sent in each case, together with these message types.
    • EDI: the address data can only be transferred with 35 characters (search term 1 only 10 characters) with the standard UN/EDIFACT for reasons of compatibility.
    • Print: addresses are formatted with only 35 characters in some print forms for standard envelope windows. If the address number is in the address output structures, you can output the address fields in full length in forms.

    For my experience is better to use ADRC table instead KNA1, because user use all the characters (40).

    And for your last question in ADRC you can see the total characteres for NAME 1 and NAME2. Each customer will have one ADRC registry.

    Antonio Martinez

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  • Apr 21, 2014 at 09:06 PM

    Dear Isaac:

    The table KNA1 is restricted with 35 characters, if you want to use the ADRC Table (ADDR1 structure) is allowed to use 40 characters, if some data have the total length allowed in XD01/XD02 is better use ADRC table.

    To join ADRC table with KNA1 use the field KNA1-KUNNR and KNA1-ADRNR in ADRC table ADRC-ADDRNUMBER.

    I think is better to use ADRC table, and also this table have extra fields for Adress for the customer.

    Please check it

    Antonio Martinez R.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Jose thanks a lot for your response, I already check the ADRC table and as you say there are some many things for address but just to understand... in certain way the ADRC table is playing two roles in R3, the one with address fields and the other with this name1+name2 field that can override in certain way the master data saved in KNA1 isn´t !?

      So, a client always will have at least one ADRC table registry, and that´s why I can rely on this name1 and name2 ADRC fields...

      Sorry if I´m asking dumb questions but I´m used to CRM were we have a BUT000 with master data and a ADRC table with only and just only address fields.