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Posting multiple goods issues against the same delivery

Hello gurus,

We are a fashion apparel company using ECC 6.0 and would like to know if it is possible to post mutliple goods issues against the same delivery?

I will explain the business requirement.

- We create a stock transport order to deliver 400 units of merchandise to on or our retail stores (STO is created and processed to a delivery).

- This information is passed down to our warehouse management system (which is not SAP)

- Our warehouse management system has the ability to split a delivery into multiple shipment when needed. For example, our warehouse may only be able to complete 250 units for our morning shipment and will therefore pick, pack and post this. This will feed back into SAP and process a 641 movement so that the units now show as "in transit". This is needed so that our stores can process the ASN and move the units into their inventory when they receive the merchandise later that day.

- During the afternoon, our warehouse will process the remaining 150 units and will ship this to our store later in the evening or next day.

Currently, we are not able to process another goods issue against a delivery as we close out the delivery during the first goods issue. We would prefer not to have to generate a new delivery for our DC and let them continue to process against the same delivery, but we are unsure how to configure this.

Any help or guideance would be extremely appreciated

Thanks in advance

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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Posted on Apr 21, 2014 at 08:16 PM

    In standard logistics this process requires multiple deliveries, since you have the different posting date or time, shipping the goods at a different time, and everything points us to this direction - two deliveries.

    SAP has some limitations in how it works. It has planned for this to be done at order level, like having an order on 400 units. You do want to ship 400 units in the morning, but your warehouse workers packed 250 units and this must be sent.

    In this case SAP have planned you to alter the picked quantity and total quantity to 250 units and PGI.
    Then, you know you have underdelivered, so you will create a new picking request by creating a new delivery for the rest + 150 units.

    Why is this SAP's approach good?
    More reasons - a few I've already stated. You PGI on different dates/times. You ship it at different time, with different vans/trucks etc. So, the practice in logistics is that you send your delivery document with the goods. So you want to send a delivery document for 250 units in the morning, and the same delivery document with 150 units in the evening.That won't work too.

    I do see your need for less documentation but it just doesn't seem right to break so many standard practices in logistics just to map the process as you wish here.

    Maybe there is some workaround for this (I've seen quite many "impossible" things done in SAP so I won't say it's impossible), but I would call it a bad decision to implement this from logistic point of view.

    Anyway, there are some problems you solve by custom developments (and I have a nice track record in making those without second thought since I always tend to make things work exactly the way I want them), but this time I'm not for it. It is much better to leave the process as is, much safer too, unless you have some restrictions in your 3rd party WM system but I doubt that's the issue.

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  • Posted on Apr 21, 2014 at 09:26 PM

    Hi RJ,Caswell

    Using standard once the PGI is done you cannot alter the delivery quantity/pick quantity for the same delivery. In my opinion rather than looking for any alternate or custom coding you should keep your process simple and always created a separate delivery for the next consignment

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  • author's profile photo Former Member
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    Posted on Apr 21, 2014 at 11:20 PM


    i would create transfer order every time

    warehouse processes delivery request.


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  • Posted on Apr 22, 2014 at 06:15 PM


    Many of your points are valid and it seems that it is not possible with standard SAP, but I need to explain why this happens. We are using a tier 1 warehouse management system (in Apparel tier 1 WMS is RedPrairie or Manhattan) that allows for a shipment to be split.

    This is not a common practise, however if we are flooded with ecommerce orders and cannot finish all of our store picks (e.g. some are at the loading area where some units remain in the pick process, pack process, PND process etc.) we are able to split the shipment which will allow us to take the units that are in the loading bay and have these send to our stores. The outstanding units will continue to be processed through our WMS and the new shipment is planned and communicated to our stores. When the first shipment is processed through our integration it results in posting the goods issue and closing out the delivery. Having to generate a new delivery to communicate what has already been communicated to our distribution centre does not make logistical sense (i.e. they will not wave this new delivery as it is already in process of being completed). This is actually not a restriction in our WMS software, but is a feature that makes us able to be more flexible.

    Thanks for the clarification around standard SAP not allowing a delivery to be partially manifested and processed.

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    • Hi RJ,

      First of all sorry to write such a lengthy reply,In one line if i want to summerize then it is not possible with standard SAP however we can achieve this by writing some piece of code in both the system

      AS - IS

      Business process

      From business process point of view you are right that once the pick & pack is in process it is not advisable to create a new delivery document for balance quantity and share the same with WMS as then they have to create a new document in WMS and start picking based on that rather then the old delivery document number. if i am in your position then i can give a thought like this


      Delivery - 100 Unit

      Shipment confirmation from WMS - 60 Unit

      Change in delievry quanity / Pick qty - 60 Unit

      Invoice from SAP - 60 Unit

      Second confirmation from WMS - 40 Unit

      Change in the existing delivery quantity - Now here we have two option either

      1) Change the delivery quantity / Pick qty to (60+40) =100 or

      2) Remove the 60 and update 40 as delivery and pick quantity

      Pros & Cons

      if you will select option 1 then furhter invoice will happen for 100 unit which is incorrect as physically you are shipping only 40 unit

      if you are selecting option 2 then the document flow is incorrect as you don't have history(in SAP) for the 60 unit which was shipped earlier

      Solution ::

      so in my opinion the best option is to create a seperate delivery document (store the old delviery number in one of the field of the new delivery and pass the same to custom segment of the IDoc) transmit the IDoc to WMS write the validation logic in WMS

      Find the record with old deliver number in the WMS system, check the status whether it is active or inactive

      if it is acitive Validate the Material + qty with the WMS record(Material + balance quantity) if both are same then pass the new deliery number to custom field of the WMS table

      At the time of confirming back to the SAP, Write a piece of code in SAP that if the incoming idoc custom field(new delivery number) field is populated then ignore the orignal document number and post the document using the new delivery document number

      Hope this help

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