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Do SMP3.0 supports JSON based RESTful services exposed via JBOSS server??

Hi All,

We are working on a PoC for a customer to consume JSON based RESTful (exposed via JBOSS Server) service from SMP 3.0. We were not able to get the DataSet. the below are the steps which we performed and the respective result.

1) Created a SMP Application - Able to ping the application with the base URL

2) Tested the connections - Able to create a Registration using Firefox POSTMAN client

3) Data Consumption from the service - We are not able to get the response for the service when we try the same via SMP,but we are able to get the data when we try the REST service URL directly from the browser.

How do we achieve this? Do SMP3.0 support JSON based RESTful service? Can Integration Gateway Help?

Thanks, Prem

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2 Answers

  • Apr 21, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    Not sure about RESTful services but SOAP services are supported by SMP 3.0 using integration Gateway. Have alook if this post can help you.

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    Former Member
    Apr 22, 2014 at 05:21 AM

    SMP do support JSON based RESTful service .Few tips :

    • SMP 3.0 has Odata protocol based Data synchronization allows data to be synchronized using HTTP , HTTPS .
    • Odata Protocol has full-fledged support towards REST Methodology .Any protocol(Odata here ) that support full web HTTP methods (Put.delete,update,get , post) offers warm welcome to REST methodology.
    • Odata can be consumed using JSON or XML.Recommendation is to go with JSON (Simple to parse and consume).

    In Nut shull , SMP 3.0 only allows to consume the data using any of the following interface based datasource

    SOAP service, JPA , JDBC,ODA .

    Once data is consumed onto SMP then it can further be distributed across targeted application via converting it to Odata interface based metadata.

    Note :If Jboss server is capable of exposing the datasource using JDBC then SMP should allow you to consume the data and generating the Odata service API out of it .You also should understand that Odata protocol has full support to REST methodology so all REST methods like (GET,PUT , DELETE,POST,UPDATE) will always be there using Odata way .

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    • hi Jitendra,

      attached are the screen shots of both SMP service from postman we tried and the original service from the browser.

      1- postman ping for SMP URL and header says success.

      2- Response body with entity set structure and empty data there is no data inside the collection named "Connection" as well and if i call this i fails with 501, that not implemented, so i guess SMP3 is unable to create the entity set out the JSON REST services while converting it into Odata service internally.

      3- i can view data if run directly the REST service from browser.