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Apr 21, 2014 at 12:07 PM

Viewset does not have data passed from GenIL


Hi All,

We have a custom component in which data is not getting passed from a ViewSet to the Overview page. The details of the issue are given below:

There is a detail view zsoEF and a table view zsoChild. These 2 views are housed in a viewset zsoVS. This view set has an event Eh_OnBack which requires the data from views zsoEF and zsoChild to be passed to overview view zsoOV.

We recently upgraded to CRM 7.0. After the upgrade, the values entered on the views zsoEF and zsoChild are processed in the ZGenIL. The context nodes and the custom controllers are filled correctly with the screen values and some auto added data based on validations..

When we click on the Back button, then Eh_OnBack does not have data in the Custom Controller. I am not able to pin point the reason for this missing data in the Back event. From the way i understand, when we do data binding in the views, we don't have to do that in ViewSet. Has there been any change in this design in CRM 7.0?

I would like to know if there is any workaround for this issue.