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Apr 21, 2014 at 09:57 AM

Fiori - Approval for Timesheet & Leave Request


Hello Friends,

I am currently working on SAP Fiori Timesheet & Leave request approval. The application is working fine and going to manager for approval.

I have a concern here, the approval to manager happens only if I maintain relationship "A012" Managed by, then subordinates who are in that respective Org Unit submits timesheet/Leave request goes to manager for approval.

If I maintain One-on-One relationship "A002", then it is not showing up in manager's id for approval. When I checked in t-code "SWIA" to check with whom it is pending it shows the correct manager maintained in One-on-One relationship.

In my current project, there is only One-on-One relationship "A002", and we don't have relationship "A012". Please let me know whether the approval scenario will work or not.

We cannot ask the client to change the relationship now from "A002" to "A012".

Thanks & Regards,


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