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How to send several means of payment in a single file

Jan 19, 2017 at 03:19 PM


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Shipping cnab 240 - Febraban 087- How to send several means of payment in a single file Good afternoon.

My configuration for Febraban 087 is ok. But my user would like to send several forms of pgto (TED, Boleto, Doc and Transfer) in a single file. However when generating the file the standard program RFFOBR_U (RFFORIY2) does not re-create the batch header line where at position 12 and 13 should send 03,41.01 or 30 only create the line for the first payment method. G029 Release FormBoa Tarde.

Minha configuração para Febraban 087 esta ok.

Porem meu usuario gostaria de enviar varias formas de pgto (TED, Boleto, Doc e Transferencia) em um unico arquivo.

Porem ao gerar o arquivo o programa standard

RFFOBR_U (RFFORIY2) não cria novamente a linha de header de lote aonde na posição 12 e 13 deveria enviar 03,41,01 ou 30 só cria a linha para o primeiro meio de pagamento.


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No idea what Febraban is but if you feel there is some issue with standard program then reach to SAP Support instead of SCN.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jul 02, 2017 at 01:48 PM

It seems that your question requires additional information. Please make sure that your question outlines the steps you took to find information and rephrase the question again. This way members will know that you searched and were unable to find what you needed.

You may also want to include screenshots of what you're seeing, to help members further understand the issue. And provide some additional details, as the question is fairly short

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thank Laksmipathi.