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Apr 19, 2014 at 02:43 PM

Event interface is not sending message


Is there something special required to make an event interface send out its message?

I have a NW 7.40 system. All other WS/XI messages are sent from it to PI just fine.

Only the interface NewLoanBoardingProcessingNewLBrdngEventOut (in namespace is not sending its message. When I put a breakpoint in the INFORM method of its proxy class CO_FSAO_NLB01_PS_EO I see that it goes through / stops there! How is it even possible that it calls the method, but no message is sent out?! I also debugged further to see if an exception is happening, but didn't come across anything.

I have tried point-to-point configuration: I went into SOAMANAGER in the NW 7.40 system that is supposed to send the message and configured a logical port for the consumer proxy. On the Event Provider Settings tab I set the checkmark for Enable Event (there is only one operation, the Inform one).

This was not successful - no messages to be seen in SRT_MONI or in SRT_UTIL -> Error logs.

I then tried disabling the logical port, hoping that a message would be sent to the PI instead. But no message shows up in sxi_monitor on the NW 7.40 system, either.

I searched the forum and found a few threads that are vaguely related to the same topic.

points to Event-Driven Message Processing - Enabling Application-to-Application Processes - SAP Library, which mentions transaction SXMSJOBSCHEDULER to start a job. I ran this and set it to run once a minute. Still no event is being sent out. By the way, how can I stop this job again or set it to a lower frequency?

The same page mentions filters and jobs. However, it is a page about configuration in the PI system. Should I actually do this in my (sending) business system? Also, some of the posts here (e.g. ) indicate that this should only be done if the goal is *not* to send out the messages immediately, but only in batches after a certain time. Right now I would prefer them to be sent right away (or at all). Is this even related to event interfaces and not something else with events?

This thread had a similar problem and mentions something was wrong "with the bgRFC", but doesn't clarify what. Any ideas what that might have been?

This blog post XI - Event based message triggering with dependencies describes setting up things in sxmb_adm and with jobs in sm34 ... but mostly settings on the PI, to set up a dependency between two messages. Not sure if this could be at all related to getting my event interface to sent something.