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Apr 18, 2014 at 03:56 PM

Setting status 68 out of AIF



sometimes it happens, that an action in AIF fails but the IDoc should not be reprocessed. Therefore we set the status 68 within conventional IDoc-Processing. But with implementation of AIF we don't se a possibility to set the status to 68.

The status 68 gave us the possibility to trace the IDocs and do some manual work according to the contents of the IDoc.

Example: We have a automatic Warehousesystem. As batches and Handling-Units are created within SAP the external system sends us an IDoc with the goods that were produced. Within SAP we are doing the goods-receipt and in the end we are sending another IDoc back to the trigger-system providing the Handling-Unit and the Batch-Information. Now the trigger-system is able to print the right labels that are belonging to the pallet next to the printer.

Sometimes the process fails, and the pallet is put aside. Necessary actions have to be done manualy as the production of the next pallet is already in action. Restarting the IDoc would cause the wrong label on the wrong pallet.

So far the rework-process could be done very easily by checking the IDocs with Status 68.

Is it possible to set the status 68 out of AIF?

best regards