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Apr 17, 2014 at 11:03 AM

Transfer of Custom Fields from ECC PR to SRM SC in ECC EHP6


Hello Experts,

I need suggestions regarding transfer of custom fields from ECC PR to SRM RFq vai SRM SC.

Before proceeding let me tell the scenario which we are working.

SRM System: SRM 702.

ECC System: ECC6.0 EHP 7.

1) PR will be created ECC.

  1. Then user will use the “Create RFx” functionality of CPPR application, to create the saved RFx in ECC.

Now from configuration and functionally wise we are clear but I need some suggestion from technical point of view ie we have customer fields in EBAN(PR) structure and how can we map these to SRM side.

As we are already in EHP7 ,we are following the below settings.

  • BAdI BBP_BADI_EXTREQ_OUT or user exit BBPK001 is no longer used in this case.

As middleware we are using SAP PI/XI.

Now we need to pass the customer fields to SRM from ECC PR.When I cross checked SCN threads I understood that with new release no need of BADI for mapping and fields will be mapped automatically.

Is my understanding is right? for customer fields if we add in the EBAN (PR) structure and with same name define in SRM ,then no need of mapping the fields using any BADI or spot?

If my understanding is wrong can any one suggest me the BADI or steps involved in the mapping.

thanks and regards