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Nov 17, 2005 at 04:59 PM

Applying support packs to production SAP XI 3.0


hello there,

I am well versed on applying support packs in an ABAP environment and I am ok with the process of applying the Java and XI support packs. My issue is how to make sure none of my production interfaces try to kick off while I am applying the Basis, ABAP, Java and Xi support packs. In the ABAP world we will take down all the application servers and leave the central instance up and lock all the users. In XI I do not need to worry about users... I need to worry about the interfaces picking up files and processing files.

Do you all have any lessons learned on how to limit the amount of traffic when you need to system up to apply the support packs but do not want to have the interfaces kicking off. I really dread the thought of having to set all the communications channels to inactive and then reactivating each of the communication channels.

Thanks for your input.