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Apr 16, 2014 at 12:46 PM

Exporting ALV list to EXL different behaviour in different Language


Dear Experts,

We have a custom report in which we are displaying an ALV Grid. Here many columns are there along with a column to display Material Number.

We have declared this material as of type MARA-MATNR only.

The user executes this report in language HU. In output This is getting displayed properly and there is no problem in it. But when the user export it to local file-> spreadsheet->excel file then the last character of the material is truncated. For example if material number is 00000000000123456 then in Excel it is storing as 12345 and digit 6 is truncated.

But if we log in to English language and execute the same report with same variant and export the list to EXCEL then it is working fine and the Excel sheet is showing proper material number as 123456.

I have tried to debug and check but i found that the data loaded in EN language is proper but in HU language it is loading it with value 12345X. Does anyone know what might be the issue here.

in EN

in HU

I searched in forum and found many threads regarding this but those solutions i couldnot apply here as I am properly declaring it as type MATNR and I cannot use the conversion exit as i need to display the entire value of material in ALV with leading zeroes.




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