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Apr 16, 2014 at 11:26 AM

How to create assignment block which show DATA in TREE format


Hi Frds,

Please suggest. How can we achieve the assignment block which is in TREE form ,Might b its not fully TREE form there will be some easy way to achive my tesk. I have a custom table with contain User id and name of each Role(ROLE_NAME). Below is the tast example.

Assignment block display different lavel of approver list.

ROLE_NAME1 1 User_name1 2 User_name2 ROLE_NAME2 100 USER_NAME01 200 USER_NAME02 ROLE_NAME3 101 USER_NAME10 102 USER_NAME20 103 USER_NAME30

ROLE_Name is a fixed text.

Please help how can we achive this task.