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Apr 15, 2014 at 03:17 PM

Pair Formation Issue in Positive Time Management with Time Events


Hi All,

We are facing an issue with pair formation in positive time management with time events. Let me explain the issue in detail.

The planned working times are from 7 am to 3 pm on working days (Mon - Fri).

On 02-Jan-14, the employee clocks in at 7 am. He forgets to clock out while leaving office on 02-Jan-14. The time evaluation runs at 2 am on 03-Jan-14 and gives an error that the clock out on 02-Jan-14 is missing.

On 03-Jan-14, the employee comes to office but forgets to clock in on 03-Jan-14. At the time of leaving the office, he clocks out at 3 pm on 03-Jan-14.

The time evaluation runs at 2 am on 04-Jan-14.

The system is currently assigning the clock out 3 pm on 03-Jan-14 to 02-Jan-14. Hence, it creates a time pair for 02-Jan-14 with total no. of hours as 32 hours and start time as 7.0000 and to time as 39.0000 . It also points out that the employee is not at work on 03-Jan-14. This is not correct processing in SAP.

I checked in and I found that this is not the standard behavior. Please refer the below link:

The above standard behavior says that the time evaluation should point out that there is a missing clock out on 02-Jan-14 and there is a missing clock in on 03-Jan-14.

I raised an oss message with SAP and the first level support consultant said that my configuration in Table V_T705B for A07 is incorrect. I had maintained 400 for A07.

I cleared the configuration of A07 to blank and the issue still existed. The SAP consultant then came back after few days and said that the documentation in is incorrect and she would get it changed. I found this rather strange.

I haven't accepted her solution and have escalated it to SAP.

If the clock out of 03-Jan-14 is assigned to 02-Jan-14 and the total no. of hours appear as 32 in Table TIP for 02-Jan-14, then it also means that the DWS of 02-Jan-14 is not being taken into account at all.

Also, I am surprised why the consultant advised that the documentation in is incorrect. If that documentation is incorrect, it means that SAP is giving preference in pair formation to a scenario whose possibility in real time is less than 1%. And the scenario for which the possibility is around 99% is being ignored.

Does anyone have any idea about the solution to this issue?

Thanks and regards,

Vivek Barnwal