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Nov 17, 2005 at 10:48 AM

How to solve this problem - Urgent


Hi All,

I have a BDC program that will call transaction "MB1B" using CALL TRANSACTION to post a material document for a reservation. Then immediately after that the program calls another transaction "LT12" which will confirm the TR.

The problem is when the material document is posted (MB1B) the number is reflected in MKPF/MSEG. The same MSEG has the LGNUM-Warehouse Number / Warehouse Complex, TBNUM-Transfer Requirement Number which is generated when a material document is created. I use these field values to get the TO(transfer out) from LTBP and LTAP. But the records are not found in these tables.

I have identified that the numbers are not generated in such a way that the read on those tables LTBP and LTAP is immediate.

If i put a break point before the selects on LTBP and LTAP and make the sytem to wait for some time it works properly. But i can't predict the wait time.

How can i solve this problem?. I have aslo tried posting the material document using BAPI_GOODSMVMT_CREATE.

Thakx in advance,

arul jothi