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Nov 17, 2005 at 10:10 AM

ABC's of RFCs


Hello SAP experts,

Could you advise what workprocess resource is taken up when external application has does an RFC call to SAP, using background user to login?

Hope my understanding is correct:

1. RFC client (ext application) logs in using background user. This takes up 1 BTC workprocess.

2. Then, as SAP note says, 'RFC call is always processed by a dialog work process'. So, this means the BTC will be converted to a DIAlog to process data.

Not sure if my understanding is correct about RFC calls.

The confusion comes when CPIC is also in the picture whenever there is RFC. How are they related?

Could you enlighten me about the relationship between RFC, CPIC and the workprocesses that are occupied? Must workprocess be DIALOG and not BTC or either?

Secondly, I would like to understand how much resources does an RFC connection take up? Under what resource problems situation will RFC calls be unable to connect to SAP? Or caused by time-out? Where to look for clues when investigating? dev_rfc or dev_rd? Seems that dev_rfc is quite little info compared to dev_rd. What gives?

Thank you in advance.


Pascal Gabin