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Apr 14, 2014 at 10:46 PM

More than one deliveries into a single handling unit



We are a retail apparel company and use SAP to communicate delivery requirements for our stores. We would like the ability to consolidate our deliveries into a single handling unit. This will help reduce freight and will simplify our receiving process in our retail stores.

For example, many customers pre-order merchandise that will be received into our distribution center and then shipped to a Retail store for customer pickup. We would like to consolidate mutliple orders going to the same place so that they can be packed into a single box. Each customer request results in an order being created and the box that the order is packed in is the SAP handling unit. The issue we have is that if 10 customers request the same merchandise, it is easier to pack the 7 units into a single handling unit (i.e. box) than to pack 7 boxes.

I do realise that the handling unit table VEKP can hold only 1 delivery object (i.e. VPOBJKEY), however I'm hoping that someone can highlight possible options for us to simplify our shipping process.

thanks in advance


if we need to utilize shipments, is someone able to walk through what setup steps would be required.