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Apr 14, 2014 at 01:57 PM

Gateway OData Metadata Cache



we're just about planning for our new OData Service. As we have a scenario where we generate structures to be used in our OData services we cannot make sure that the structures in the different clients are idetical as we will have additional customizing for this. In our use case that would mean that depending in which client the OData service is called the meta data could also be different. Entities and Entity Sets will be exactly the same as I use the same OData Service.

When I was testing the caching meachanism I got also confused with browser cache and the backend cache. Maybe you also made your experience and can provide me more details if I call the same service in different clients if we always access the same meta data...???

The informatio I got in SAP Help does not say anything regarding this:

Metadata Cache - SAP NetWeaver Gateway - SAP Library

Thanks & Regards Marco