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Apr 14, 2014 at 10:55 AM

Automating bulk WEBI report modification


Hi All,

My existing scenario as below,

Data contained in 1 single DB-1 (across n tables), 1 Universe existed (U1) & 1 webi document using U1 with many reports representing many KPIs.

(Many WEBI reports exist like above)

Now a new requirement,

Due to volume of data, there is a decision to distribute the data across 2 DBs or even 3 DBs. i.e., same schema would exist in 2/3 DBs with different data set. So, all existing reports may need to support data retrieval from 2 or 3 DBs instead of 1(as earlier)

Current Plan:

1. Create 1 universe per DB (i.e., same copy per DB)

2. Create copy of every existing report & modify new report to replicate everything from existing report but obtain from 2 or 3 universes (instead of 1)


1. Since there are many reports looking for suggestions to possibly auto the above plan. Is it possible to automate with either WEBI Restful SDK? any possible issues?

2. Any other way possible to achieve same result but easier than the 'current plan'?

Thanks in advance for any possible directions.

Best Regards,