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Design Studio CSS Not Applied for Some Users

Jan 19, 2017 at 01:07 PM


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Hi All,

We have made some changes to a dashboard that is currently stored in the repository. These changes included a slight change to the CSS and some extra functionality and layout changes. The changes have been saved up to the repository. Some users don't see the CSS at all, some users see the CSS but not the layout changes and some see the correct dashboard.

I have checked all the permissions on the folder for the CSS and images and so on. These users are all in the same group or are administrators so it shouldn't be a security issue. One example is that if the user executes it locally, it is fine, but executes through the repository and the css is much different.

We have reuploaded the CSS, but the changes still are not in effect.

Any ideas on why this would happen?

Any assistance or guidance would be much appreciated.


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Have you compared the security with those who see it properly versus those who do not? I assume you are using the BI launchpad - which version and SP is being used? What browser?

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2 Answers

Bjarne Mathiasen Jan 20, 2017 at 10:04 AM

Whenever I've had these issues it was caused by browser related errors.

Suggestion: The user getting the wrong CSS/layout uses a browser that does not update the CSS as it is cached. To solve this have the user first try and access the application in Incognito mode (in IE11 it is CTRL+SHIFT+P) - if this displays the correct CSS/layout, the user needs to clear their cache/cookies in the browser.

If there is still an issue, try and have the users access a copy of your application and see if a simple overwrite of the application could solve your problem.

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Michael Welch Jan 30, 2017 at 01:39 PM

We are using IE 11 on 4.1 SP5 with design studio 1.6

I will investigate Bjarne's suggestyion and return with my findings.

Tammy: Security is the same for affected / non-affected users.

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