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Nov 16, 2005 at 11:57 PM

Unable to fetch the data from SQL server using JDBC adapter problem



Any one can help me..

I have configured sender adapter is JDBC and receiver adpter is FILE..these are the configuration in JDBC adapter side..but i'm unable to post any messages in receiver side. even i couldn't see any error message in message monitor .I have set mixed mode DBMS server and installed SQL JDBC driver..or let me know any way to find this kind of errors in XI?

these are the sender configurations:in JDBC!

JDBC Driver:;databseName=SAP_Buffer

quality of service : Exactly Once

Query Select statement : SELECT TransactionNumber,CompanyCode,CustomerNumber FROM dbo.SAP_PaymentReceiptToSAP WHERE CompanyCode='1003'

document name : result

update SQL statment :UPDATE ....