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Apr 10, 2014 at 12:08 PM

Currency conversion error in SAP HANA



I am new to SAP HANA and learning to create information views in HANA studio (SAP HANA SP6 on Cloudshare, HANA studio 1.0.68). I am trying to create a simple analytic view (on purchaseOrderItem table in SAP_HANA_EPM_DEMO sample database) to have GrossAmount converted to EUR.

I added a calculated column as follows:

When i click on "OK", i get error -

The check box “Calculate before aggregation” has been unchecked, because the definition of the calculated column contains measures with currency conversion, restricted measures or operands with input parameters. For such a calculated column the calculation is always done after the aggregation."

and checkbox "calculate before aggregation" get unchecked. See screenshot below:

Please suggest what could be reason? Thanks in advance.




Hana1.png (78.7 kB)
Hana1.png (75.8 kB)
Hana1.png (73.5 kB)