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Apr 10, 2014 at 10:57 AM

Drill Down on Charts and Click on Chart to Filter Other charts


Hello All,

I have a couple of questions on Design Studio.

1. I have 6 dimensions (0PRODH1, 0PRODH2, 0PRODH3...0PRODH6) in my Bex query. What we want to do is create a pie chart and with each click the pie chart should go to one below Product Hierarchy starting from 0PRODH1, 0PRODH2, until 0PRODH6. Is this possible? If it is how?

2. Is it possible to filter other charts by clicking a chart. For example, I have a one pie chart and let's say another bar chart next to it. Is it possble to click on pie chart and filter the bar chart next to it with the selected values in pie chart? How can I do that? I try to that with the script below but there is NO getSelectedValue() properties in the script for pie chart.

I appreciate your help already. Thanks.


DS_1.png (78.5 kB)