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Apr 10, 2014 at 08:38 AM

how to use functions and views in SMP2.3


Hi all,

I am new to SUP/SMP, I did some samples for hwc like create the MBO with object queries and operations using tables. Now i have a doubt

Is it possible to use sql functions in smp2.3?

If it possible how to use them?

for Select Query can i use stored procedure?

Ex: Select * from Employee where EmpID=:empid for this querey i wrote a stored procedure like this

Create procedure Emp_sp(@empID int)



Select * from Employee where EmpID=@empID;


This procedure shown in my database connections profile.

I created an operation,

when i invoke the operation this procedure is visible in the operations list, i give the success screen in that i put a listview but here the attributes are not comming.

Is there any mistake in my approach,

Please suggest me.

Thank you.